Modern machine park

The workshop is the heart of our business. Throughout the years, we have invested in modern and complete machinery including a variety of CNC-machines with CAD-CAM equipment. We also have conventional machines, lathes in various sizes: milling machines, round and flat grinding machines, tool grinding, deep hole drilling machines, and honing equipment.

Do you need help with turning, mounting and repairs? No problems, we take care of it for you. 

Our machines

♦  4-axis CNC-bed milling machine, 3 000 millimetres
♦  5-6-axis CNC-milling machines
♦  CNC- turning machines
♦  9-axis multi-purpose machine, WFL M30
♦  CNC deep hole machine
♦  Honing equipment
♦  Flat grinding machine
♦  Round grindin machine with grinding length of 2 000 millimetres