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Metalworking has been a recurring theme in Lumek-house the past sixty years. When Emil Zeidlitz moved here, his successful company Swing Ltd. AB made razor blades of Sandvik stainless steel on a large scale. When competition from Gillette became too strong and Swing went bankrupt in the 1950s, Sven Wirfelt took over and moved the production of inserts to the house on Högbovägen 81.

Lumek was founded in 1954 and is owned by Gunnar Westerlund family since 1995. Back then; the company only employed three people. Gunnar wanted to expand the customer base and started to invest in new machinery. He had previously worked with maintenance at Sandvik for 29 years and therefore had a deep knowledge of the customer situation, all the way from sourcing to finished components. This insight has guided his work throughout the years.

Today Lumek is based on four robust legs: deep hole drilling, milling, turning and grinding. Quality, close cooperation with customers and the latest technology are the company’s key words. It gives all customers a flexible supplier and high productivity.

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